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External Menace - The Process Of Elimination LP

In the Mid 90's with the help of Welshy and Billy from Swine Flu they were able to talk Sneddy into

reforming External Menace. On top of a few singles one of the results of the reformation was this

amazing LP origonally released in 97. The new version brought a whole new life to band and they

continued to be a driving force in the Scottish punk scene. released in co-operation with Urinal Vinyl

in the UK. The US version comes with a yellow front cover and yellow with black splatter vinyl exclusive

to the US pressing. This version has a slightly differnt track then the origonal at request of the band

removing recorded tracks and covers in place of songs that better reflected on this era of the band.

This is an essential release for any External Menace fan!

I also have some copies of the UK version with an alt color cover and yellow with red splatter vinyl