Rotten U.K. - Waiting for The Bomb 7" Loud Punk Releases


Rotten U.K. - Waiting for The Bomb 7"
Rochester NY's Rotten U.K. has now unleashes the first single off their debut LP "That Is Not Dead...." on Hells Headbanger Records "Waiting For The Bomb". The band is influenced by the darker side of the 80's UK punk scene and while many imitators have come and gone over the years these guys are the real deal. This haunting anthem is bleak and powerful and brings to mind bands like Screaming Dead, UK Decay and The Mob. B side is an exclusive cover of "Protest And Survive by Discharge. Limited edition GLOW IN THE DARK vinyl available for mailorder. in classic Rotten U.K. fashion all limited copies come with a bomb dangly earring